The Peacebuilding Initiative (TPI-East):

The Peace Building Initiative (TPI-East)  is one year project implemented in 20 VDCs of four districts; Saptari, Siraha, Dhanusha and Mahottari of eastern and mid terai of Nepal by SAMAGRA in the financial support of Search for Common Ground, Nepal (SFCG). TPI-East started in 1st May of 2012 and will come to end in the last of April 2013. It has four specific objectives;

• To enhance the participation of women and youth in peace building and community led decision making,
• To increase the receptiness of local government institutions particularly VDC to include women and youth in decision making process,
• To build the capacity of women leaders at the district and regional level in collaborative leadership and dialogue ,and
• To foster constructive engagement of youth and women and local decision makers in the peace process at local level.
Youth, women and local decision makers (LDM) are the target groups of TPI and it aims to increase constructive role of youth and women in community level peace building through their leadership development process, and increase receptiness of LDM towards youth and women participation in local decision making process. The project aims to achieve four results;
• Increased leadership capacity of women and youth at the community level, district and regional level,
• Increased willingness and support from the local decision makers about the role of women and youth in peace building and community decision making process,
• Youth Clubs and women groups will be able to work for local peace building in their own initiation, and
• Increased dialogue and collaboration among youth, women and local decision makers

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