Fourth Quaterly Report-TPI

Executive Summary
This last quarterly report presents all the project activities held from February to April month of
2013 and major achievements, lessons learned and challenges faced. The major activities
administered in the quarter include;
 20 community orientation held and 538 local youths and women, Political leaders, LDM
and representatives of Ward Citizen Forum (WCFs) were oriented on “Importance of
Good Governance, Development and Democracy in Peace building”
 20 community dialogue held that engaged 1070 key persons, conflicting parties and
representatives of political parties, youths and women in the dialogue
 20 seed grant activities (youth) and 20 seed grant activities (women) held. 742 youths
both male 7 female and 724women were directly involved in the activities
 One VDC Level, Leadership development training held. 28 youths both male 18 and
female 10 were trained
 103th International Women’s Day Marked
 Radio testimony of N-Peace Award winner; Ms Radha Poudel produced and broadcast
from FM station in four districts; Siraha, Saptari, Dhanusha and Mahottari.
From the accomplished activities listed above, the major outcomes that the project has include;
• Entrepreneurship among youths and women increasing.
• Collaborative work, coordination and cooperation among the youths, women and LDM in
• Change in youth mindset and attitude.
• Women being economically independent, self helped and empowered, and emerging as
the new leader in the VDC.
• Bridging the gap of inter generations. Changing the perception of society towards women
and youths.
• Receptiness of LDMs and Political parties’ leaders towards youths and women
increasing. LDMs being more accountable and sensitive to youths and women’s issues.
• School cleanliness and maintenance of school wall and road in front of the school has
been started by the community after the dialogue. VDC released 150,000 NRs to the
school for that program (Nanihi VDC)
• After the dialogue in Bathnaha, VDC released 100,000 NRs to school for running plus
two in coming session.
• 33% women participation ensured in school management committee of Nanihi school
from nominal participation.
• Relation between political parties and women-youths group improved. Political parties
have started praising the initiations taken by the youths and women in the VDC and
promised to co-operate them in their initiation. (Bathnaha)
• Mistrust between youths-women and the VDC secretary-political leaders reduced after
the political leaders and the secretary promised not to repeat the previous wrong practice
and trend in decision making process (Debdiha VDC)
• Women and youths have been conscious about their participation and access to the local

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